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We have had so many positive reviews that we decided to create an archive of our testimonials. Please contact us if you are looking to come carp fishing in France with exclusive use of your very own carp lake.

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L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Mick and Tina
13 May 2017

Fantastic! Great food. Graham and Clare are so helpful in every way. Thank you so much for making our week so special. See you again in July 2017 and again in May 2018. You are the best! Mick and Tina. Thank you

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Justin Lyward
6 May 2017

Just arrived home from a week here and although it started off tough it all came good in the end, this venue is amazing in every detail from the lake itself in absolutely pristine condition, well thought out swims and bait and rubbish bins provided to the new weigh stations recently installed.
The fishery provides you with retention/weigh slings and cradles which just makes fish handling extremely easy and safe. As for the size and condition of the fish they are second to none, some still never been caught. As for the lodge it was very nice for a base to chill and watch a bit of tv or just sit out on the balcony when having a break from fishing after your daily shower (which was always piping hot ) having a beer or a coffee. The food package was outstanding and Claire never failed to amaze us with the beautiful homemade extremely well presented dishes on a daily basis.Also in the barn is an honesty fridge containing beers,wine,chocolate which is a nice little touch. Every thing you could wish for (and more) has been catered for and you will feel truly spoilt by Graham and Claire. I could not recommend this venue enough, not just for groups of fisherman but families also. We will be returning. Many thanks for making some amazing memories.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Rikki North
29 April 2017

5 stars! Perfect in every way. Beautiful food package and immaculate carp. 'G Top Man'

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery LLoydster Marriott
29 April 2017

Won't go anywhere else! Brilliant hosts that make you feel very welcome. Great fishing and the food was brilliant. Emptied my plate every evening.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Paul Flanagan
29 April 2017

Loved every minute! Again, the hospitality was above awesome. Best French venue I've ever been to. Already booked for return visit. Flanny x

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Tony Connolly
22 April 2017

Well this is truly five-star carping, and Graham and Clare are fantastic hosts. The pegs are immaculate and well thought out and with Graham supplying the Cradle and weigh slings it just adds to the overall experience, and the addition of the fix weigh posts shows how much he cares for the welfare of his fish along with his fishing customers. Every fish caught was in extremely good condition and not a fish under 27.5 lb and topping out at just shy of 40 lb. It is extremely refreshing to see an English fishery owner who isn’t looking to rip you off, in fact any additional prices and more than reasonable, they have a honesty fridge in the barn which contains beer chocolate wine etc. Although we didn’t have the food package looking at the menu it looks extremely excellent value. The Lodge although we didn’t use it other than the shower and WC looks very well appointed and the shower is excellent and as hot as you require, and the additional complementary bread, butter, marmalade, milk and croissants just add to the experience. I have been visiting France for over 10 years and I have been to lots of different fisheries and I can honestly say that this is by far the best carp fishery I’ve come across so far. I would like to thank both Graham and Clare for their fantastic hospitality and I look forward to visiting L'Angottiere in the future.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Emma and Steve Bunting
15 April 2017

We have had a really lovely week here. Your lake is absolutely stunning and so well looked after and thought out. Each fish we have had has been in really good condition. The swims are ideal, especially with the weigh posts and landing net holders, great touches and also having bait bins is fab! The food..... Oh My Days! Absolutely amazing food! Cannot highlight enough how fabulous your food package is. Everything has been perfect! Thank you for welcoming us and being such lovely hosts. L'Angottiere is definitely a place we will return to in the future. Thank you Emma and Steve.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Jeffrey Jongeneel
8 April 2017

Top water with beautiful. Her fish. Nice people who are always there for me day and night.
Top water met mooie puntgave vissen. Aardige mensen die altijd voor je klaar staan dag en nacht.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Simon Slater and Pete
29 October 2016

A big thank you to you two for making our week a really special time and very enjoyable. You have a fabulous place there and deserve to do very well as you have put a lot of hard work into it. Clare's cooking is absolutely fabulous and cannot be faulted in any way. Thanks again. Simon and Pete

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Jay Taylor, Dan & Chris
18 October 2016

We booked this venue for later in the year (mid October) and just for 4 nights so we knew we would be up against it catching carp. We got there off the back of a frost so again we thought things would be tough. However we ended up with 8 first to 36lb10oz and all the fish were 20lb+. The fishery is beautifully presented and it's just a total bliss of a place to be. The work and effort gone into the venue in the last year alone makes you only imagine what it's going to be like in the future. I had read reviews of the food and hospitality of Graham and Clare prior to coming, but we as a group had never witnessed prior to this trip a more complete example of hospitality. They literally could not do enough for us. This included picking a member of our group up from the ferry to allow us to fish. I've eaten in some nice restaurants bug seriously..... What you get with this food package is mind blowing. It's outstanding food - all 3 courses of it. The breakfast baguette, which is essentially a fry up in a baguette is very welcome and was delivered 9am for us every morning. The anglers lodge, where one of out group stayed has everything. An amazing shower and toilet, 2 sofa beds, satellite TV, full cooking and kitchen facilities. Never have we been fishing in such an environment. We would give this more than 5 stars if we could and we would all 100% rebook. The future plans Graham discussed with us in terms of facilities and stocking will only improve further what was the best fishing experience we have ever had. Thank you so much guys! Jay, Chris and Dan.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Dave and Karen Evans
1 October 2016

The owners were the perfect hosts and the food was superb! Very nice change from your normal French lake with lots of variations in depths and bottom type and the islands make you have to think in picking your spots. New venue, top class! Graham and Clare, thank you for a most enjoyable week. Dave and Karen.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Mark Carter
21 September 2016

Comfortable accommodation and good hospitality. Great stay! Thanks.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Stephen Eastwood
17 September 2016

Enjoyable week touring during the day and fishing at nights. Had to work hard to catch with variable weather. Eleven fish including six 30's.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Paul Flanny Flanagan and Chris Simmen
3 September 2016

Enjoyed every minute of our stay. Hospitality was outstanding, food was out of this world, never had a food package as nice! Beautiful Lodge with everything you could possibly need. The carp were in excellent clean condition and fought very well. The pegs are well located so no lines can be crossed by fellow anglers. Would recommend this venue to all. Perfect 5 star holiday. Many thanks Paul

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Matt Miles, Chaz and Rob
27 August 2016

Great week at L'Angottiere. Great weather, great fishing and great food. Graham and Clare were great hosts and look after you well. Out of all the venues in France we have visited we have never been to somewhere so well equipped and with facilities like this. All the fish are in great condition! We will definitely be back in the future.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Johnathan, Laurence and Evelyn Cooper
20 August 2016

Fabulous. We had a great time and loved the venue. Food package was great, so appreciated not having to cook. The lake was interesting and full of features. The fishing was enjoyable and we managed to catch 20 between us!! Thank you for being excellent hosts. Good luck with your enterprise. We're sure you will be very successful!

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Ralph & Manu Jacobs
13 August 2016

It was a perfect fishing holiday. Fishing went good and Graham and Clare have thought of everything. It is nice to have the lake private so you can move from swim to swim. We liked the evening with them in the barn and we will definitely come back next year to see how the fish have grown.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Cameron Dunbar & Tamsyn Curtis-Ells
30 July 2016

Amazing fishing venue! Graham and Clare were perfect hosts, they helped us so much when disaster struck and our van broke down on our way to L'Angottiere. However we made it and what a week it was! The lodge is fantastic, they have really thought of everything! The fish were beautiful, pristine carp, which we saw a lot of this week! We never normally opt for food packages however we are so glad we did, so much effort went in to the food, it felt as if we were off to a restaurant every night we went to the barn! I cannot praise Graham and Clare enough, they surpassed all expectations. We cannot wait to come back to L'Angottiere again next year! :)

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Ad Brak
16 July 2016

Little Pardise! Amazing place to spend a week fishing. The 4 islands form a challenging setting were the fish can move around freely. That makes fishing here very attractive. The Carp are in mint Condition! Graham and Clare, job well done and thanks for everything!! Ad Gigi, Milan and Suze.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Sandie Herridge
30 May 2016

Just had a great long weekend at L'Angottiere. The hospitality and accommodation are second to none and from a female perspective the landscape is amazing. Fishing is rewarding with large healthy carp. I managed 31lb which was a personal best for me! We will return. Thank you so much for making us so welcome.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Jonny O'Sullivan
23 May 2016

Had a wicked time and best session ever. Fantastic food and more than accommodating hosts. I couldn't want for more. Having my gear taken to my choice of swim is a winner.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Neil Goodger
23 May 2016

Beautiful lake! Great fishing! Good company! Food package a bargain and great to all get round the dining table for a bit of banter! Thank you.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Joe Bratton
23 May 2016

5 star fishing!
5 star Food!
5 star company!
Well done Graham and Clare. Wish you all the luck in your new venture (you won't need it). I'll be back. xx

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Ozzie Coates
16 May 2016

Had a lovely weekend. Beat my PB. Best session ever! Food and company outstanding. Graham and Clare have got something very special there.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Andy and Linzi Horton
20 April 2016

Came here with my family and absolutely loved it! Never caught a fish before but now I'm hooked. Had some great days out exploring the area, loved the French markets and loved feeding the chickens, fresh eggs in morning are amazing! I will definitely be coming back and bringing my boyfriend, he'd love it. Thanks for having us Clare and Graham :-)

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Jasmin Allen
12 October 2015

Came here with my family and absolutely loved it! Never caught a fish before but now I'm hooked. Had some great days out exploring the area, loved the French markets and loved feeding the chickens, fresh eggs in morning are amazing! I will definitely be coming back and bringing my boyfriend, he'd love it. Thanks for having us Clare and Graham :-)

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Jonny O'Sullivan
12 September 2015

What a great week! Some amazing fish, beautiful lake, great hosts and to top it all smashed my PB! Will definitely be back as it would be perfect for the family.

L'Angottiere Carp Fishery Joe Bratton
19 September 2015

What a blinding weekend with Graham and Clare at their new home in Normandy. Loads of fish on the bank and a glass or two of champers and food wasn't bad either (well done Clare). Can't wait to come back and see what you've done with the place.

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