New Lake Boilies

carp caught at L'Angottiere carp fishery

A second 40+ falling to our new lake boilie, along with over a dozen 30’s in the last few weeks! The heavy winter feeding campaign has definitely paid off and there’s no doubt the carp are recognising them as an excellent food source! If you’re fishing with us this year and looking to try them out we hold a good stock of both our Spicy Crab and Fruit Crunch freezer boilies but a bit of notice would be good to ensure we can meet orders.

Dusting of snow last night but all in all the temperatures have been mild and the reeds around the islands have sta…

New shower installation in The Lodge underway. List of winter jobs slowly getting ticked off the list!

New bit of kit to help manage our 14 acres! That’s one hell of a grass box!!

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