Looking for an exclusive venue for your Carp fishing in France? At L’Angottiere we offer quality French Carp fishing with a choice of superb accommodation set in quiet surroundings.

What our customers say

carp caught at l'angottiere by gary wheat Gary Wheat
3 November 2019

Many thanks for my recent visit to your beautiful lake and the opportunity to
catch your pristine specimen fish. Everything is a real credit to you both.
With obvious very hard work and meticulous planning you really have created
a little piece of paradise for lots of lucky anglers to enjoy for a very
long time to come. You are very lucky people to own it and witness people
fulfilling dreams. The week before the trip and knowing what the weather
was going to be like, I would have settled with 4 fish equaling my catch
in j
June. But, against all odds, (the atrocious weather and the time of year)
and a phenomenal 11 fish it really was the trip of a lifetime and a dream
realised that I will never forget, and of course, the stonking 48lb 12oz PB
as the cherry on the cake! Not many people can say they are in the 40 club,
I at last can. I hope to visit you again some time in the future. Many
many thanks Garry

carp caught carp fishing in france Danny Bartlett
26 October 2019

Great venue and great hosts! Everything here is top class and you have covered everything for a comfortable fishing trip. The food was lovely! The fish are in really good condition and well cared for. Five stars!! Can't wait to come back next year!

Thanks to everyone for their interest. Apologies to those that have missed out but have now rebooked the cancellati… https://t.co/FuHUn8O3Pa

Big cat for Sharon! https://t.co/AgYbifYV5K

And we’re off! First guests! Been a long time coming! https://t.co/qAYOVoLoPe

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