Upgraded Carp Pellet

New carp pellet available at L'Angottiere carp fishery offering exclusive carp fishing at a french carp lake

We have now upgraded our L’Angottiere Fishery Carp Pellet which will help to ensure and maintain the good health and quality of our fish and by first hand reports will also increase healthy growth rates. We have spent the winter feeding a dedicated programme and are looking forward to seeing the results.

The Pellets will remain the same as our previous prices and be available at 25 euros for 10kg or 45 euros for 20kg.

Here’s what the makers have to say,

“A digestible and healthy alternative feed supplement for Carp. Formulated with a blend of 5 different cereal grains, selected palatants and oil. No meat proteins, all clean and sustainable British ingredients.

The Cereal supplement pellet is a high energy diet to ensure that protein is not burnt as an energy source, which keeps ammonia pollution to a minimum and maximises protein availability for tissue repair and growth. After milling and mixing the cereal blend with selected palatants and binders, the mixture is cubed into pellets of 12mm boasting excellent digestibility properties.

A sensible protein level, safe to feed all year round, with the peace of mind that any wastage is completely organic, harmless for water quality compared to oily fishmeal feeds”.

The 12mm pellets have a breakdown times of up to 60 minutes.

Protein: 24-26%
Oil: 3-4%

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