Lake Rules

To ensure that we can offer you the very best that fishing has to offer with fish in tip top condition we have the following rules in place. We will do our utmost not to interfere with your French Carp fishing holiday in anyway but if you fail to comply with our rules, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday with immediate effect.

Fishing & Lake Rules
  • All nets to be dipped on arrival at L’Angottiere
  • 3 rods per angler maximum (or 12 rods maximum to be used on the lake at any one time if there are multiple anglers)
  • Rods must not be left unattended at any time (even if you are fishing the Lodge Swim)
  • Bivvies must be erected on the designated gravel swims
  • Minimum 42’’ landing net
  • Minimum 15lb mainline. No braided main line, except on spod or marker rods
  • No leadcore or leaders of any kind
  • Rig tubing must be used (minimum of 300mm)
  • Micro barbed or barbless hooks only. No ‘bent’ pattern or long shank hooks
  • No knots, swivels, quick links or split shot above the lead
  • No fixed rigs
  • Leads to be lightly fixed to allow easy discharge should the situation require it
  • Fishing is only permitted from the designated swims
  • Bait boats are permitted
  • Alcohol to be consumed sensibly
  • Rowing boat only to be used for snagged fish. Life jackets must be worn
  • Please use bins provided for waste and recyclables
  • No litter or cigarette butts
  • Loud music or fires are not permitted
  • We have an extensive selection of bait for sale (see BAIT & TACKLE), but you are also welcome to bring your own
  • Particles may be used but must be properly prepared
  • No nuts of any description to be used other than those purchased from us (to be used as hook bait only)
  • Fresh/Frozen boilies only. No shelf-life baits other than for hook baits
Fish handling rules
  • Remove all jewellery before handling fish
  • Large cradles and weigh slings are provided and must be used at all times
  • Ensure hook links are unclipped or line is cut before lifting the fish and landing net from the water
  • Before lifting the fish from the water, have a container of water ready to wet all equipment that may come into contact with the fish
  • When lifting the fish from the water, break the net down and slide your weigh sling under the landing net to lift the fish being careful not to snag the dorsal fin in your landing net and the pectoral fins are folded flat
  • Make sure you have your scales, antiseptic, forceps and camera ready before placing the fish in the cradle
  • No standing with fish for photos
  • The use of antiseptic (provided) on hook holds or any other wounds is a must
  • Return all fish to the water using the floatation weigh sling. Do not release the fish until it is strong enough to swim by itself. Maintain it in an upright position until it is ready to swim off
  • No sacking of fish under any circumstances

We now have the middle 2 weeks free in October this year. Please message us if you’re interested in a weeks fishing…

A good week for the Duckworth family. 15 carp to 47lb including 7 thirties! 👍

Jim’s a happy man today! 47lb grass carp from The Lodge margins.

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